“Cristina is a natural and patient teacher. Our sessions have helped me reduce muscle tension and improve my kinesthetic sense, posture and voice which have been very beneficial for my own teaching as a Pilates teacher.”

Charlotte, Pilates Teacher


“I have known Cristina C. Llavina as an Alexander Technique specialist who has held workshops for music students at Royal Holloway, University of London, over the past few years. Her depth of knowledge, calm and engaging manner and experience in handling the complex practical issues involved in group workshops and maneuvering physical bodies and spaces has impressed students and staff greatly. We were very happy with her service, and intend to engage her to conduct future workshops at the college”

 Shzr Ee Tan, Lecturer, Music department Royal Holloway University of London


“Our team found the workshop very useful and informative and certainly helped them in their roles here. Thanks so much for coming along and sharing your skills with us.”

Philip Matthews, Performance Operations Manager, The London Dungeon


“I have been attending Alexander Technique workshops with Cristina since last July because I have a chronic back condition which causes me a lot of pain.

Cristina has made a huge difference to my life as she has shown me how to work with my body to control the pain using breathing techniques and gentle movements in a positive, caring and sensitive manner. As a result, I have achieved things that I never thought were possible and now live my life without fear of pain. I highly recommend Cristina, especially if you experience chronic pain like mine!

Lyndsey Hayes, Teacher


“ I would wake up several times in the night with severe pins and needles in my arms and hands – sometimes like a burning sensation. The only way to stop it was to stand up and move around. The doctor sent me for various tests and we concluded it was my neck. I had physio who prescribed me 20 exercises per hour. I had acupuncture which made no difference. I had numerous costly massages of varying quality and whilst mostly enjoyable sometimes the following day was actually worse.

Then I went to see Cristina. I had had neck pain and stiffness for a very long time but never the numbness. From the first session I was not cured exactly but significantly better and did not wake up that night. All I remember her saying was ‘soften, Anna, soften the neck’ over and over again. And looking in the mirror and realising how wonky I was.

I never did my lying downs really – except with my two year old who loves doing them, for about a minute!  – but Cristina’s lessons basically over about a year cured me. I am planning to go back soon for a top up.”

Anna, NHS manager


“Learning the Alexander Technique with Cristina has made me stronger, taller, well-poised and indeed more well-adjusted”

Paul, I.T. Consultant / Mathematician


“Learning the Alexander Technique, is a thrilling experience during which one is alerted to many misconceptions of posture and movement acquired over the years. This may feel difficult some times, and could seem at first, unnatural and confusing. However, Cristina is extremely proficient at communicating the principles and methods of this proven technique effectively; teaching you and helping you along the way to relate it to yourself and apply it in your daily life. Her own fascination and continuing interest in the technique are both apparent in her teaching and will, in turn, entice you to learn more about the wonderful mechanics of your body. In addition to her professionalism and experience, her kind and friendly manner make the atmosphere in the lessons always positive and relaxed.”

Chadi, Arquitect


“Over the years, there had been an increase in the amount of discomfort that I felt in my head, neck, and back. My posture was also skewed and I felt tension in my joints feet and legs. I had put this down to my disability and to spending long hours sitting in front of a computer writing essays for University. However, thanks to Cristina and the Alexander technique I am becoming consciously aware of different ways in which I use and misuse my body. In Cristina you have a practitioner who takes an active, sensitive and intelligent approach to teaching. I now have a totally new and healthy relationship with my body. I feel less stressed and I use the technique every day to keep pain at bay”.

Dike, writer, composer and teacher


“I had been increasingly aware of having a bad posture and I was persuaded to try the Alexander technique. Since working with Cristina my posture has improved and my back is more aligned.  I am looking forward to further improvements.”

David, I.T. Director


“I was aware for many years that my posture was bad. I then started to suffer from back pain which was probably caused by spending hours at work stooped over my desk. Cristina has taught me through the Alexander Technique to be more aware of my everyday movements. This awareness has not only resulted in my back pain vanishing but in an improvement of my posture and general well being. I would highly recommend Cristina.”

Kattalin, Lawyer